Disasters Strike We cannot stop them

Natural disasters stike, sometimes without any warning. We cannot stop these horrific incidents but we can help those effected.


Our mission


Donate with us and you can see where each penny goes, we are a 100% transparent organization


By donating you can ease others suffering, we work with communities to help rebuild


Donating will help ease the suffering communities endure after disasters leave them with little to nothing

American ResQ Toy Drive

  • 25 Dec, 2017
  • Rose City, Texas

We will be hosting a toy drive for the kids effected by Harvey in South East Texas. These toys will be delivered on Christmas Day. For more information and ways to donate items please contact us!

Non-Profit Search and Rescue

The organization mobilizes civilian volunteers, professional first responders, military personnel and resources to conduct Search and Rescue Operations as well as Humanitarian Relief Efforts during times of natural disasters. American ResQ also organize Humanitarian Relief Efforts to those requiring local Humanitarian Needs.

We were involved in rescue efforts during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and have been providing relief efforts to South Texas since Harvey. As an organization American ResQ Has decided to continue to focus efforts on Rose City, Texas.